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Nine Five LTD was started with two goals in mind: to provide individuals with a headwear brand that defines their personality, their lifestyle and what they stand for… But more importantly, team up with charities and foundations who seek to put an end to environmental, health and other global issues.

To put it simply, the world we live in can be a complicated one. We are constantly on the move and caught up in our own “nine to five” routines.

nine five ltd. believes it is our job to live each day on this earth to the fullest, help the less fortunate achieve the same and do everything we can to ensure a better tomorrow.

The “PUT A LID ON” movement uses the purchasing power of our fans to benefit the earth and help those less fortunate live a better day. nine five ltd. is committed to donating 20% of every purchase made on our site and turning the contributions into something that supports the greater good. Our customers enable us to give and, we in turn, empower them to choose a cause to help put an end to, or as we like to say “PUT A LID ON”. Thanks to you, we are able to reach out and support such a wide array of amazing charities…and this makes for a lot of smiles.

Nine Five LTD is a tremendous partner to the Make Waves fundraiser; products will be sold on-site at events with 100% of profit going to our fundraising effort. Additionally, every purchase on the Nine Five webstore in support of Autism Speaks for the month of April will be doubled by our private non-profit.

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